Time clock

Our new clocking terminal combines secure access control with efficient time and attendance management. 

Time clock terminal

Traditionally, a time clock terminal is used to:

- Record arrival, departure, and actual working hours for each employee.

- Ensure accurate calculation of working hours.

- Provide a common and reliable platform for data entry.

However, at IDtech, our time clock terminals offer much more. They are designed to adapt to your organization's needs by acting as an interactive bridge between your team and you.

Our time clock

Combining performance and ergonomics, the D25 is IDtech's new standalone and multifunctional time clock platform. Its 7'' touch screen, coupled with its compact and modern design, offers a high degree of user-friendliness.

Fully customizable, it takes on the colors of businesses and meets all needs to facilitate the work of HR teams and employees.

In short, IDtech's D25 terminal optimizes your workforce management by combining advanced hardware and dedicated support. This comprehensive solution maximizes efficiency and reduces costs within your company.


This intuitive terminal seamlessly integrates with our Unitime software, which facilitates work scheduling and attendance management.

Indeed, we design and manufacture our time clock terminals and time management solutions, from hardware to software. This enables us to offer the best possible experience to you and your teams. 

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A time clock terminal, but more than just a punch clock

What sets the D25 apart is its dual functionality: beyond time management, it also serves as a complete access controller.

Thanks to its integrated badge reader, it provides unwavering security at the entrance, compatible with both physical and mobile identifiers. 

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A communication tool

The D25 stands out as an advanced communication tool, offering features for both custom and general messages, as well as integration with other systems. 

Its highly configurable design makes it a versatile solution for various applications.

How does the d25 make the difference for your company?


Modern, attractive, convenient touch-screen design; Easy-to-navigate menu system for efficient and pleasant user experience; Webpage configurator for ease of installation 


Combines secure access control and timeclocking functionalities; Integrates card reader and networked access controller in one timeclocking device; Uses the same badge to access the premises and to perform workforce management tasks


Configurable screens to display company logo, colours, and style; Editable menus to suit specific requirements and functionalities; Message management to customise communications for individuals and groups; Continuous development of applications, functionalities, and features 


Connects to the full range of time and attendance functionalities of IDtech’s Unitime software; Near limitless number of staff, sites, and rules configurations; Adapts and grows with evolving business requirements; Self-service terminal allows employees to input and access their own data 

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