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The story
of IDtech

We, at IDtech, are a Belgian provider specialising in delivering access control and time management solutions tailored for small, medium, and large enterprises. Our expertise extends to not only designing and developing software but also designing and manufacturing our hardware, granting us complete control over the lifecycle and quality of our solutions.

With a rich history dating back to 1985, we bring over 35 years of experience in crafting technical solutions across a spectrum of industries, from public sector facilities to global multinationals.

Based in Gembloux, Belgium, we also have offices in Nevele (Flanders) and Dubai, allowing us to serve clients throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Our mission and vision

At IDtech, our mission is to transform access control and time management solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality, service and flexibility with a personal approach.


We design for the future

Our commitment lies in technical innovation, a relentless pursuit of quality, and delivering outstanding customer service. Our solutions are distinguished by their scalability and flexibility, adept at meeting the specific needs of each company and adapting to future applications.


Service is key

Our dedicated team ensures exceptional service at every stage, fostering enduring partnerships with our clients. We recognize the individuality of each organisation, offering personalised solutions that cater to specific needs.


Size doesn’t matter

Our commitment to flexibility ensures that our scalable and customizable products adapt seamlessly to the evolving demands of businesses, whether small or large. At IDtech, we don't just provide solutions; we deliver proof of excellence, personalization, and adaptability, shaping the future of access control and time management.

Our approach

At IDtech we maintain a personal approach to all of our clients which is based on listening and support. As our solutions concern the safety and protection of our client’s organisation, an individual and personal approach is essential in order to establish a trustful partnership. Our process follows these steps: .

Step 01

Project proposal

IDtech is with you from the start. Together we identify your needs and requirements to develop the perfect solution.

Step 02


Once we know your requirements, our experts develop a solution that perfectly matches the needs and scale of your company.

Step 03


At IDtech we work with a network certified electricians, installers and integrators to make sure that the chosen solutions are seamlessly implemented in your organisation.

Step 04


IDtech provides both start-up assistance and training through to a fully operational system. Our technical helpdesk is available to answer all of your questions.

Step 05

Consulting services

IDtech will provide you with analysis and evaluation of your security system configuration and performance to ensure an unrivalled user experience.

All our solutions

Explore all our access control and time management solutions.