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Our hardware solutions redefine reliability and innovation in access control and time management. From intelligent controllers to a wide range of readers and connected devices, our hardware is carefully designed and built to provide secure, scalable and efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a focus on quality and technological advancement, IDtech’s hardware portfolio ensures that your organisation has the tools it needs for effective access control, time management and overall security.

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Our hardware

IDtech's hardware offers cutting-edge solutions, designed for secure, scalable, and efficient access control and time management needs.


IDtech controllers are the core of secure access control, making it easy to manage entry points. All our controllers are designed to work well with different solutions, fitting the needs of organisations of all sizes. With proven reliability, strong features and advanced technology, IDtech's controllers ensure a safe and straightforward access management system.


IDtech offers a range of readers designed to provide a reliable and secure solution for identity verification in access control. Whether it's biometric readers like fingerprints and iris scanners or traditional card readers, our range ensures secure entry with simplicity. Designed for precision and compatibility, these readers offer organisations an effective means to enhance security and access control seamlessly.

Time clock

Efficient workforce planning and time & attendance management hinge on obtaining accurate information about your employees and teams. Our D25 clocking terminal simplifies this process, seamlessly integrating with IDtech's time & attendance software, Unitime. Moreover, the D25 terminal functions as a full-access controller with integrated badge readers, delivering security and functionality comparable to a traditional setup. Capable of controlling a single door, it accommodates both physical and mobile credentials, offering versatility in access control. 


Access control and time management solutions come in various forms and technologies. Whether it's card-based systems, wristbands, keyfobs or a mobile system, our team of experts is ready to analyse your specific needs and guide you in making informed choices. We tailor our recommendations to ensure the right fit for your organisation, emphasising a collaborative and customised approach.