Give visitors an excellent experience while keeping them and your premises safe. Every person coming to your organisation is special, and their visit shapes how people see your company. A visitor management system helps keep your place safe. Having a clear plan for each visitor is a key way to provide better security. You aim for a smooth process that doesn't stress your organisation or your visitors, yet gives you control over who's where in your facilities at any time.

How does IDtech’s visitor management make the difference for your organisation?

An integrated solution

IDtech’s Univisit integrates seamlessly with physical access control systems including IDtech controllers and Unipass, allowing for an unrivalled visitor experience from an organisation’s reception through to all visitor access management.

A convenient solution

Univisit’s user-friendly interface facilitates granting control over visitor access, card management, and requests as well as real-time creation and revocation of visitor badges and permissions for efficient visitor management.

A secure solution

IDtech’s Univisit operates using the same rigorous end-to-end security measures designed into our physical access control systems as well as the latest encryption and authorisation technology.

A flexible and scalable solution

Univisit adapts to any size organisation’s access control and visitor management requirements. This self-encoding tool enables visitors to self-register efficiently at touchscreen terminals, while personalised badging assists in visitor identification and offers the personal touch to visitors resulting in a seamless visitor experience.