Visitor management

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Why visitor management

Each visitor to your organisation is unique and their experience while visiting your premises will reflect on your company's brand image.

You want a seamless process that does not create undue administrative burden on your organisation or on your visitors, while ensuring that you keep control at any time over who is in what part of your facilities.

Convenient, flexible, secure

Our modern visitor management solutions integrate fully with your access control system and can take advantage of a range of components in addition to the traditional visitor’s badge: pre-planning, self encoding, credentials such as QR codes, PINs or virtual badges.

Our visitor application, Univisit, helps you:

  • Pre-register visitors 

  • Customize the reception of your hosts 

  • Automatically download data from an electronic ID card 

  • Secure and channel the presence of your visitors (short or long term) 

  • Easily identify visitors with personalized cards

  • Trace the presence of visitors in case of alarm 

  • Manage the flow of visits more effectively 

  • Transmit security instructions related to sites at risk

  • Improve the visitor experience and therefore the brand image of your company


Visitor management software: Univisit   

IDtech’s Univisit 8  is a powerful tool that adapts to any company’s access control and visitor management needs. Univisit 8  is an essential tool for managing visitor access alongside your access control system.

Perfect for growing businesses as user limit and software upgrades are hassle-free.

In addition to new security features available in  Univisit 8 , the user-friendly application allows for complete control over visitor access, cards, requests and much more.


Choosing my system

What is your need?

Simple location or complex multi-site organisation with different security requirements?

Contact us

Our IDtech team will help you define the right solution for your visitor management needs.

Check and install your solution

IDtech will be with you at every step of the project, from system configuration to staff training.

Count on our support

Changing needs, new staff? Our IDtech helpdesk will support you throughout the life of your project.

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