Monitoring a range of security system information is made easy and affordable with Uniguard, our Alarm Management software. In addition to secure access control, a well-protected facility will also have an anti-intrusion system, a fire detection system, a video surveillance system, and in many cases, security personnel. Uniguard assists security teams across all different systems.

How does Uniguard make a difference for your company?

Integrated solution

Uniguard consolidates all security system alarms into a comprehensive information system, seamlessly integrating with various security systems such as CCTV, fire detection, intrusion alarms, and more. This integration allows for the convenient display of alarm information directly on premises floorplans, providing a unified and accessible overview of security alerts. 

Tailored solution

The system is adaptable to site specifications, accommodating both time-dependent and external events. It enables intelligent alarm management tailored to site configurations, offering a comprehensive view of an organisation's specific security landscape and requirements. 

Empowering security teams

Uniguard supports security teams with centralised information, predefined instructions, and event prioritisation, delivering feedback through on-screen, email, or text notifications. It also aids in effective guard tour management through real-time monitoring of rounds on visual plans.


Security Guard Assistant: Simplifies the work of your security team.

Central Operation: Brings all important security information in one place.

Guard Tour Management: Ensures guard tours are effective.

Seamless Integration: Interfaces with CCTV, fire detection and intrusion solutions.

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