Access control is essential for protecting an organization's employees, visitors, and assets. It plays a key role in overall security by limiting the risks of unauthorized access or information leaks. By effectively controlling access, you enhance the safety of physical infrastructures and the protection of sensitive data. The IDtech access control system strengthens security, promotes peace of mind for both employees and visitors, while ensuring effective monitoring and management of people flow within your organization.  

How does IDtech’s access control make the difference for your organisation?

We offer adaptable solutions

Our solutions are scalable. When an organisation grows, our solution grows with it. Our solutions interface with other best-of-breed security system components. We provide solutions that continuously evolve with technology developments.

We offer sustainable solutions

We prioritise eco-friendly practices, utilising renewable electricity and transitioning to zero-emission technology. Our products and solutions, designed, developed, and built in collaboration with local partners, emphasise backward compatibility to minimise waste and rework.

We offer tailored solutions

Our DNA is crafting tailored solutions. Whether for large corporations or small businesses, we begin by understanding your needs. Our in-house experts design, build, and configure our products, ensuring that our network of installation partners have direct access to the expertise at the heart of our solutions.

We offer secure solutions

IDtech has been delivering secure, reliable, encrypted and multifunctional solutions since 1985 thanks to continuous investments in state-of-the-art hardware and software and by using the latest technologies.

Our Software: Unipass

Unipass is a powerful software for managing access to physical premises, built on 40 years of experience. Suitable for any organization, large or small, it is designed to meet the diverse requirements of multiple sectors. 

Versatile, secure, flexible, easy to install, and user-friendly, Unipass stands out for its adaptability and integration capabilities. The software facilitates access management while ensuring effective monitoring that contributes to the security of people and assets.  

Our hardware


Our Controllers

Intelligent electronic controllers are at the heart of our access control solutions. Find out more about our entire range of controllers, designed to work with multiple technologies and that interface with hardware from a wide range of suppliers, combining security and flexibility.


Our Readers

From proximity readers, to biometric readers, vehicle identification and long-range readers, IDtech works with the finest selection of technology partners to offer tailored options for overall site security.


Our Time Clock

Combine secure access control with efficient time and attendance management. Effective workforce planning and management relies on having quality information about your employees and teams. Our timeclocks capture this information in an easy-to-use terminal that integrates seamlessly with access control systems.


Our credentials

For secure access control, you need identifiers. This can take the form of ID cards, key rings, bracelets, mobile certificates, ... But how do you choose what best suits your organisation's needs? At IDtech, we have all the knowledge to help you make the right decision.

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