Maintaining the safety and security of your organisation often involves managing various security systems, each with its own set of alerts and maintenance requirements. This task demands significant attention and time from your security team. IDtech's Alarm Management solution addresses this challenge by providing seamless coordination of all security systems across your organisation. This includes, but is not limited to, closed-circuit television (CCTV), fire detection, and anti-intrusion systems, ensuring the overall security of your facilities.

How does IDtech’s alarm management make the difference for your organisation?

An integrated solution

IDtech consolidates all security system alarms into a comprehensive information system that integrates with a range of security systems including CCTV, fire detection, intrusion alarms, and more, as well as displaying alarm information conveniently on premises floorplans.

A tailored solution

IDtech’s alarm management solution configures to site specifications including time-dependent and external events. It enables intelligent management of alarms as a function of site configurations and provides a holistic view of an organisation’s specific security landscape and requirements.

An empowering solution

IDtech’s alarm management solution supports security teams’ decision making via centralised information, pre-defined instructions, and prioritisation of events. It provides feedback on-screen, in email, or via text message and facilitates effective guard tour management through real-time monitoring of guard rounds on visual plans.

Our Software: Uniguard

Monitoring a range of security system information is made easy and cost-effective with Uniguard, our Alarm Management software. In addition to secure access control, a well-protected facility will also have an anti-intrusion system, a fire detection system, a video surveillance system, and in many cases, security personnel. Uniguard helps empower security teams through effective integration of these inputs into an efficient alarm management platform.

Our hardware


Our credentials

For secure access control, you need identifiers. This can take the form of ID cards, key rings, bracelets, ... But how do you choose what best suits your organisation's needs? At IDtech, we have all the knowledge to help you make the right decision.


Our Readers

From proximity readers, to biometric readers or vehicle identification and long-range readers, IDtech works with the finest selection of technology partners to offer tailored options for overall site security.


Our controllers

Intelligent electronic controllers are at the heart of our access control solutions. Find out more about our entire range of controllers, designed to work with multiple technologies and interface with hardware from a wide range of suppliers, combining security and flexibility.


Our timeclocks

Combine secure access control with efficient time and attendance management. Effective workforce planning and management relies on having quality information about your employees and teams. Our timeclocks capture this information in an easy-to-use terminal that integrates seamlessly with access control systems.

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