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Access control relies on reliable identification readers, and at IDtech, we partner with leading technology providers to offer a variety of options. From proximity and biometric readers to ANPR and long-range readers, we ensure tailored solutions for comprehensive site security.

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Proximity (RFID) readers

Proximity readers are a vital step in securing access to organisational premises, using RFID technology to wirelessly communicate with the identifier. These electronic devices detect and read ID cards or key fobs in close proximity, transmitting information to the controllers. Access is then granted or denied based on the stored credentials, offering a convenient and efficient solution for securing building entry points.

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Biometric readers

Biometric readers are proximity readers that recognise fingerprint, facial or other biometric data. They can be used on their own, eliminating the risk of badges that can be lost or PINs that can be shared. If keeping biometric data in one central place is limited, you can also use them with a physical badge for extra security. Basically, biometrics ensures that only the right people with matching biometric features can get into secure areas.

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Long-range & vehicle 

Vehicle recognition & long-range readers

Securing your business starts at the facility entrance, extending to vehicular access and the monitoring of vehicle movements. Recognizing that each business has unique vehicle access control needs, sometimes tied with individual access control, we specialise in creating custom solutions that seamlessly integrate vehicle access into your overall security operations.

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Electronic locks 

Electronic locks

Our customers have diverse needs for securing access, and while cabled installations are the most secure, they may not always be the most convenient. In certain situations, wireless access control becomes a preferred option due to factors like wiring challenges and ease of installation. To cater to these preferences, IDtech provides a comprehensive range of wireless products seamlessly integrated into our access control offerings, including electronic door handles, electronic cylinders, and related management tools.

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