Effectively managing time, attendance, and benefits is a challenging responsibility for HR management teams, but IDtech’s time management solution alleviates this burden. Empower employees to handle their own time management from any location - be it at home, in the office, or on the road.

How does IDtech’s time management make the difference for your organisation?

Powerful & adaptable

IDtech’s Unitime is the essential modern tool designed to help you manage your employees’ time and attendance, however demanding your requirements. A powerful web-based software, Unitime offers the possibility to scale up with your growing business.

Easy and convenient

This intuitive, modular application provides complete control over employee schedules, leave requests, payroll information, analytics and more. With mobile access, it provides convenient on-the-go access for your employees.

Software as a service

For those who do not want to manage application servers, upgrades or backups, Unitime comes in a Cloud version as IDtech manages the infrastructure for you, including upgrades and security patches, backups and availability.

Secure solution

Unitime enhances the range of available capabilities with the latest security technologies, both for on-premise and for Cloud solutions.

Our Software: Unitime

Unitime is our essential workforce management tool that assists human resources teams. Designed for easy management of work-related activities, it stands out for its intuitive user interface and compatibility with a wide range of payroll systems. Discover how our time clocks and software work together for efficient and effective workforce management. 

Unitime enables: 

  • Quick clocking in on any connected device 
  • Easy leave taking 
  • Viewing available credits 
  • Integrating schedule information with third-party payroll systems 
  • Accessing detailed analytics and reports 
  • Etc  

Our hardware

Time clock 

Our time clock

Combine secure access control with efficient time and attendance management. Effective workforce planning and management relies on having quality information about your employees and teams. Our timeclocks capture this information in an easy-to-use terminal that integrates seamlessly with access control systems.


Our controllers

Intelligent electronic controllers are at the heart of our access control solutions. Find out more about our entire range of controllers, designed to work with multiple technologies and interface with hardware from a wide range of suppliers, combining security and flexibility.


Our readers

From proximity readers, to biometric readers or vehicle identification and long-range readers, IDtech works with the finest selection of technology partners to offer tailored options for overall site security.


Our credentials

For secure access control, you need identifiers. This can take the form of ID cards, key rings, bracelets, ... But how do you choose what best suits your organisation's needs? At IDtech, we have all the knowledge to help you make the right decision.

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