In addition to access control and time management solutions, IDtech offers a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions, such as the IDtech Cloud, meeting room management, electronic cabinets, badge printing and API. Together, these solutions exemplify IDtech's commitment to providing innovative and tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern organisations.

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IDtech Cloud

Eliminate the need to manage servers, upgrades or data backups with our secure, convenient and affordable cloud solution.    

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Electronic Key Cabinets

Need 24/7 staff access to your company's keys for security? Traditional key boxes lack protection and flexibility. With a sophisticated system like IDtech partners’ electronics key cabinets you can control and track assets securely and skip the hassle of managing physical keys. With an electronic key cabinet, you can easily program and control access, ensuring availability according to your rules and needs. 

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Biometric readers

Biometric readers are proximity readers that recognise fingerprint, facial or other biometric data. 

Used on their own, or in conjunction with badges or other credentials, biometrics allow only authorised people with the matching biometrics to access secure areas.  

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IDtech API

API, or Application Programming Interface, enables seamless communication between applications. IDtech's API simplifies the integration of your access control, time management, or visitor management solution with other applications. 

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Meeting Room Management

In a joint development with a partner, IDtech offers a room and desk management system that is fully integrated with your access control solution, for both your staff and your visitors. Our Meeting Room Management system optimises scheduling and utilisation, ensuring seamless coordination of shared spaces. 

Contact us to help you define the right room and desk booking system for your requirements.   

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Our hardware


Our Controllers

Intelligent electronic controllers are at the heart of our access control solutions. Find out more about our entire range of controllers, designed to work with multiple technologies and that interface with hardware from a wide range of suppliers, combining security and flexibility.


Our Readers

From proximity readers, to biometric readers, vehicle identification and long-range readers, IDtech works with the finest selection of technology partners to offer tailored options for overall site security.

Time clock

Our time clock

Combine secure access control with efficient time and attendance management. Effective workforce planning and management relies on having quality information about your employees and teams. Our timeclocks capture this information in an easy-to-use terminal that integrates seamlessly with access control systems.


Our credentials

For secure access control, you need identifiers. This can take the form of ID cards, key rings, bracelets, mobile certificates, ... But how do you choose what best suits your organisation's needs? At IDtech, we have all the knowledge to help you make the right decision.

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