Manage and welcome visitors easily and securely, giving them an excellent visitor experience from pre-arrival to departure. Univisit, our visitor management software, integrates fully with access control systems, maintaining security and offering a wide range of functionalities and options. Give visitors an excellent experience while keeping them and your premises safe.

Univisit acts as a digital doorman, orchestrating the welcoming and management of visitors within your establishment. Designed to simplify the monitoring and administration of entries, this software combines user-friendliness and efficiency, ensuring an effective reception experience.

Suitable for organizations of all sizes, Univisit is an ideal solution for enhancing your reception while maintaining the integrity of your space, thereby ensuring an environment that is both welcoming and secure for everyone.

How does Univisit make the difference for your company?

Integrated solution

Univisit integrates seamlessly with physical access control systems including IDtech controllers and Unipass. Integration allows for a seamless visitor experience from an organisation’s reception through to all visitor access management.

Easy and convenient

The user-friendly interface of our system simplifies the management of visitor access, card control, and requests. This allows for the real-time creation and revocation of visitor badges and permissions, ensuring efficient visitor management. With a variety of planning capabilities, the system aids in streamlining guest flows and automating essential functions.


Univisit is capable of accommodating the access control and visitor management needs of organisations of any size. It features a self-encoding tool that allows visitors to efficiently self-register at touchscreen terminals. The inclusion of personalised badging not only aids in visitor identification but also adds a personal touch to the overall visitor experience.

Secure solution

Operating with the same rigorous end-to-end security measures incorporated into our physical access control systems, Univisit utilises the latest encryption and authorisation technology. It has undergone independent penetration testing to ensure robust security. Additionally, the design facilitates easy tracking of visitor locations, offering valuable assistance in visitor management, especially during emergency situations.


HR Assistant: Easily create and revoke badges and permissions of your visitors in real time..

Self-service: IDtech’s ‘Self-Encoding’ tool allows guests to register themselves upon arrival on a touch screen terminal. All that is needed is the visitors’ data to be encoded in Univisit ahead of the visit.

Personalised Badging: Personalise the reception of your guests with individually branded cards. Custom identity cards help the user better identify their visitors and improves the image of the organisation.

Efficient Planning: Univisit allows for optimal visitor planning, managing the flow of guests more efficiently.

Seamless Integration with IDtech’s suite of solutions and hardware. Additions to an existing system are smooth and simple.

Security First: The safety of your guests is paramount. In case of an emergency, using Univisit to easily track the location of your visitors will help you manage the situation confidently. Customised safety instructions can be sent to guests prior to arrival for the site they are visiting.

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