Unitime by IDtech is a modern, indispensable tool for managing employee time and attendance. This powerful, web-based software is scalable to grow with your business, available for local server installation or in the cloud. With a user-friendly interface, Unitime provides complete control over employee schedules, leave requests, payroll information, analysis, and more. The recent update introduces Unitime with the latest security technologies, expanding its range of capabilities.

How does Unitime make the difference for your company?

Powerful and adaptable

IDtech’s Unitime is the essential modern tool designed to help you manage your employees’ time and attendance. A powerful web-based software, Unitime offers the possibility to scale up with your growing business.

Easy and convenient

This intuitive, modular application provides complete control over employee schedules, leave requests, payroll information, analytics and more. With mobile access, it provides convenient on-the-go access for your employees.

Software as a service

For those who do not want to manage application servers, upgrades or backups, Unitime comes in a Cloud version as IDtech manages the infrastructure for you, including upgrades and security patches, backups and availability.

Secure solution

Unitime enhances the range of available capabilities with the latest security technologies, both for on-premise and for Cloud solutions.


HR assistant: Unitime simplifies the work of your HR team.

Employee self-service: Unitime gives your employees control over their own time management tasks.

Payroll interface: Unitime works seamlessly with most payroll systems in the market.

Efficient Planning: Unitime helps you plan and visualise your team's attendance.

Secure Cloud solution: Unitime is available as a cloud solution. This is the same complete solution, but without the hassle of managing the infrastructure.

Reporting: With Unitime you have simple access to statistics and analytics.

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