ePunching – Data protection 

    1. General provisions 

1.1. IDtech SA respects the privacy of all natural persons, including the direct user and the Client in whose name and on whose behalf the ePunching agreement is concluded in accordance with the legislation in force. 

1.2. The entity responsible for processing personal data about the natural persons concerned is IDtech SA, rue Saucin 6, 5032 Isnes (hereafter referred to as IDtech).

1.3. The personal data about natural persons communicated to IDtech as part of the conclusion or the execution of the ePunching agreement is processed solely for the purposes of the ePunching application in accordance with the terms and conditions of use and for the application's statistical and monitoring purposes. Any use for direct marketing purposes aimed at natural persons is excluded. 

1.4. The personal data thus collected via ePunching is not intended to be passed on to third parties other than the employer authorised to collect the ePunching data (hereafter referred to as the Client) and any other natural or legal person whose intervention is necessary or useful in order to achieve the goals of the application as expressed above. IDtech guarantees that its representatives and any subcontractors will also respect the privacy and confidentiality of natural persons. IDtech also guarantees that only the data strictly defined above will be passed on to the Client. However, IDtech declines all responsibility for any improper use the Client may make of this confidential data. 

1.5. No racial or ethnic data, no political, philosophical or religious data and no data about trade union affiliation or sexuality will be collected. 

1.6. IDtech will not pass on any confidential data it collects to any judicial or administrative authority unless legislative or regulatory provisions or judicial decisions oblige it to do so. 

1.7. Any natural person may access data held about them and, if necessary, request that incorrect data be corrected or that illegally processed data be deleted. 

2. Technical provisions specific to the operation of the ePunching application

2.1. When the User registers on the server, the following data is transmitted to IDtech: 

 The manufacturer, version and operating system of the mobile device used; 

 The serial number of the mobile device used; 

 The user's language;

 The user's login and password. 

These details are used by IDtech to send and receive the data necessary for the application to function in the appropriate format. 

2.2. When a mobile timeclock event is recorded, the following data is sent to the Client: 

 Date and time; 

 User's login; 

 Type of the event: start or endi of work; 

 QR code (to validate the location or identity of workers for team timeclock events); 

 GPS location; 

 An optional timeclock code (e.g. mission etc.)