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How to choose your access control system?

The security of your company is paramount. IDtech, your access control system partner helps you choose the best solution for your company.

Whether you are a SME, large company or public service, the security of your building is essential. IDtech, your partner in access control solutions, shows you how to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

An access control system also for managing your visitors

Access control software gives you a clear and detailed overview of who comes and goes in your company. It includes physical access control: turnstiles, doors, etc., but also the electronic security system combined with a badge allowing access to a certain area: biometric reader, badge reader, etc.

Points of attention when selecting your access control system

Your access control system will provide you with all the information about the flow of people in your company (visitors, employees, partners, suppliers, etc.) and will control access to the different areas of your site. This is why it is better to choose a qualitative solution in the long term. Here are the main points of attention to take into account when selecting your access control and visitor management software :

  1. Security: as the toolkits of fraud are constantly evolving, it is important to have an access control system that is at the cutting edge of what is available on the market and is regularly updated. The data on a low quality badge can be copied, which is why it is essential to choose a supplier that offers quality encryption systems (coding, algorithms, etc.) in order to have a solution that is totally secure; today’s solutions will typically use Desfire EV3 or equivalent badge technology, combined with badge readers that use the OSDP protocol or equivalent
  2. Reliability: the last thing you want is to have your staff or visitors queuing outside of your offices because of a defect with your access system.  it is better to choose a professional access control solution provider with long-standing expertise and a proven track record with demanding customers;
  3. Ease of use: the quality of the interface and ease of use are important for an access control software and visitor management system. An intuitive and clear interface will make life easier for buyers. It is advisable to opt for a solution that is infinitely configurable and can be adapted to the customer's needs;
  4. Quality of support: customer support and the availability of staff are important points of attention in the field of access control. Indeed, an experienced team, dedicated to customer support and who will ensure the training as well as technical support, is paramount.

When selecting your access control system, it is best to choose partners with reliable technical expertise, who are well suited to the needs of your business, who offer a maintenance service and who provide a quality customer support. 

As far as the system itself is concerned, make sure that it is updated regularly to adapt to the constantly evolving risk environment.

Would you like to know more about access control systems?

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact IDtech, your access control solution provider, via the online contact form or by telephone. The IDtech team will be happy to help you with solutions that meet the security requirements of your company.