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Etterbeek Municipality


Etterbeek municipality has been working with IDtech for many years. The relocation of municipal services to new premises was an opportunity to put into service the renewal of access control, time and leave management systems. 

Staff appreciate the ease of use and team leaders see significant time savings not insignificant in terms of administrative tasks. Ludovic Genard, head of the Public Works Department in Etterbeek, details the advantages of the IDtech. 

What are the challenges in terms of access control at Etterbeek municipality? 

About 500 people work on these premises which brings together the municipal services, the police and CPAS. For security reasons, it is obvious that not everyone can have access to all the premises. Each employee, therefore, has a badge that only gives them access to places where their presence is necessary. This, therefore, reinforces the feeling of security for all of our employees. 

Can you detail the advantages of the IDtech platform for work time management? 

This greatly simplifies the team’s day-to-day management. At my level, the time management and time management software UNIWEB Time allows me to see the leave schedule within my department at a glance.  This is a huge help. 

Our officials can also more easily ask for leave or get a clear view of their work time. 

Is the system also effective in the event of teleworking? 

Absolutely.  This is also very useful since everyone can remotely sign into the platform by clinking on the telecommuting icon. 

What are the IDtech’s strengths? 

Their great responsiveness.  If there is a problem, they offer a quick solution.  This is all the more important since many people depend on the service they provide. 

IDtech: tailor-made solutions for your business 

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