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All about credentials

Do you know the different identification methods? IDtech, your expert in the development of access control systems in Wallonia and Flanders, tells you more about credentials and identifiers.

Do you want to know more about how IDs work for your company's security? About the different types of badges? About biometric authentication? IDtech, a company specialising in access control, time and attendance and time management solutions in Wallonia and Flanders, can tell you more about the various means of identification. 

Identifiers for your access control system 

An electronic access control system is a way to secure your building, whether you are a technical manager in a company, a hospital or a school. In order to monitor access and to authorise the desired persons to enter the site, identifiers are used. These are usually badges, but there are different types of user IDs. Badges are not simply a "key ring", but can be any format and technology you wish. 

Identification methods for your company

The badge is the most common means of identification to interact with your access control system. However, technology is constantly evolving in this area, particularly in order to counter and anticipate fraud. If you lose your badge and it is the only way to identify you, anyone can enter the building. That's why the combination of the right identifier, the right technology, the right access features, all in conjunction with access control software, optimises security within your site. 

What is biometrics? 

Biometrics is an alternative way of identifying yourself to badges or passwords. This system uses your own biometric criteria to ensure your identity. For example, through a fingerprint reader, a facial recognition system, an iris scanner, etc. Biometrics considerably increase the reliability of your access control system and the security of your building. 

Difference between identification and authentication 

Identification and authentication are two different principles of access control. Indeed, identification allows to define the identity of the user (such as a login, a user name or a badge). Authentication allows the user's identity to be verified and proven (via a password or biometric data). This solution is the most reliable in terms of access control and respect for user data.  

Interested in access control systems ?

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact IDtech, your access control service provider in Wallonia and Flanders, via their online contact form or by telephone. The IDtech team will be happy to help you with your security projects for your company.