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Access Control means keeping some people out and letting others in. Credentials are the means to identify a person with enough certainty before deciding to let them in or not. They are used as a form of identification and can be physical, virtual or biometric data. The most secure systems use a combination of credentials.


Typically, credentials come in three types:

● Something a person has: an access card, fob, QR code, mobile phone, etc.
● Something a person knows: a PIN code, a password, etc.
● Something a person is: fingerprints, face, etc.

Each of these comes with limitations: a card can be lost or stolen, a password can be shared, biometric data may not be stored legally in some jurisdictions. This is why high security applications may require more than one type of credential used in combination: a card and a PIN code, or a mobile certificate linked to a fingerprint activation for instance.

Our credentials

Badges & fobs

Badges & fobs The most commonly used credential is still an access card, or key fob. Yet, many commonly used card technologies can easily be hacked, so using the right technology is essential. IDtech offers a full range of access control solutions to best match your requirements.

Badge printers

At IDtech, we understand the importance of details. That's why we offer a high-quality and speedy printing service to personalise your badges. Alternatively, if you prefer to handle badge printing in-house, especially for frequent staff changes or contractor/visitor badges, we provide our badge customisation software, Unicard, along with a selection of Evolis badge printers.

Electronic key cabinets

Need 24/7 staff access to your company's keys for security? Traditional key boxes lack protection and flexibility. With a sophisticated system like IDtech’s electronics key cabinets you can control and track assets securely and skip the hassle of managing physical keys. With an electronic key cabinet, you can easily program and control access, ensuring availability according to your rules and needs.

Door hardware

Quality door equipment is an essential complement to effective access control and security measures. To enhance our security offerings, IDtech introduces SEWOSY products.

Other accessories

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