Time clocks for time & attendance management in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and around the world

IDtech is an innovation and development company for access security and time & attendance management software located near Namur.  We offer our expertise and know-how to VSEs, SMEs, large companies and public services for 35 years.  We offer pointers compatible with many identification technologies.  We set up our clocking systems in any structure located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and internationally.

Our time clock models for your staff time & attendance management

To ensure easy recording of time at work data, your employees can benefit from our high-performance timeclockThe Time Clock/ Ticker: The Time & attendance management Standalone Unit (R.T.U. Touch) is a touch screen clocking system.  It allows your employees to enter data relating to their time at work.  The touch screen also allows you to enter numeric codes for entering missions or specific codes to consult counters (days off or hours worked).

IDtech simplifies the recording of the time at work of your staff

The touch screen of our clocking system brings a real comfort of use to your employees.  Indeed, it has a graphic display in high resolution and presents information such as names, first names and the status of the counters.  Ergonomic and interactive, our time clocks are designed to adapt to your business environment.  They can also be used with cards or coupled to biometric readers.

A versatile and easy-to-use clocking system? Contact IDtech!

IDtech and its team of experts in management of time at work are at your disposal for any request for information or estimate. Contact us without obligation by phone or via our online form.  Whether your company is located in Belgium, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg, we come to equip you with our high-quality machine.

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