Time and attendance management software for public companies and entities in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and around the world

For 35 years, IDtech creates and develops access and clocking security tools for small businesses, SMEs, large companies or any type of public organization.  Located in Gembloux, our company intervenes to simplify the time & attendance management of your organization located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or elsewhere in the world.

Our time and clocking management system

About the management of time at work:

  • Unitime: this time & attendance management application is responsible for managing the configuration and administration of data relating to your employees.  They may concern their services, absences, special hours, etc.  Unitime calculated the working hours of each of your employees based on the information gathered on a daily basis (clocking, request for absences, overtime, etc.). The software automatically manages the services of your staff from the point of view to the transfer of useful data to your social secretariat for the creation of payslips.  All data collected is stored in the database and can automatically generate analyses of your employees’ benefits
  • Unitime Web: it is the WEB module where you can manage your time & attendance management in addition to your configuration and settings.  Indeed, requests for absences, missions, management of anomalies or simply point is via this user-friendly and ergonomic WEB interface.
  • ePunching: Even more nomadic time & attendance management? This mobile time & attendance management app guides your staff on the go to record their work time wherever they are.  A smartphone and an internet connection are enough for your employees to be autonomous. ePunching makes it possible to geolocate the mobile phone of your employees and to work continuously with or without connection to your server.  This application is available under iOs and Android.

Optimize the recording of your employees’ working time with our software

Our range of time & attendance management tools help you automate and simplify the encoding of attendance and absences of your staff.  Our software allows the correction and the introduction of the clocking and absences of your employees and workers.  They offer a daily management of their work time on a single screen, simple and user-friendly.  You also get scheduling of your teams within your staff.

Do you want to get an effective and useful time & attendance management tool? Call on IDtech

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