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Company Sector Country Application type Number of readers Number of persons
AXA Insurance Luxembourg Access control, Web application, Time attendance 11-50 51-100
AXA Insurance Belgium Time attendance 51-100 2501-10000
AXA Reim Belgium S.A. Insurance Belgium Time attendance 0-10 51-100
Aywaille Hospital Hospital Belgium Access control 0-10 0-50
Bacardi Martini Industry Belgium Access control, Visitor management, Web application 0-10 51-100
Balbaid Public Saudi Arabia Access control 0-10 51-100
Bamburi Cement Industry Kenya Access control 0-10 251-1000
Bank Melli Iran Central Building Banking Iran Access control, Alarm monitoring 0-10 0-50
Banque Atlantique Banking Cameroon Access control, Web application 11-50 51-100
Bartok Office Building Public Hungary Access control 11-50 1001-2500
Bauhaus Public Hungary Time attendance 0-10 51-100
Baurek Kft. Industry Hungary Access control 0-10 251-1000
Belgacom Telecommunication Belgium Access control >250 >10000
Belgian National Socialist Party (PS) Public Belgium Access control, Alarm monitoring 11-50 251-1000
Belgian Pharmaceutical Association Public Belgium Access control 11-50 51-100
Belgian Private Television RTL Services Belgium Access control, Visitor management, Alarm monitoring 51-100 251-1000
Belgian Public Television RTBF Services Belgium Access control, Visitor management, Alarm monitoring, Badge production 101-250 2501-10000
Belgian Railways (SNCB - NMBS) Services Belgium Access control, Alarm monitoring, Badge production, Time attendance >250 2501-10000
BEP Services Belgium Access control 51-100 251-1000
BGD Gmbh Industry Austria Access control 11-50 51-100