Electronic key cabinets in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

Located near Namur, IDtech makes and develops access control and Time & Attendance softwares for all small businesses, SMEs, large companies and public services. IDtech offers you secure management of your keys and valuables through its electronic key cabinet.  Our 35 years of experience guarantee a range of high-performance for the protection of your company based in Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

Electronic key cabinet for optimum protection of your access

Our automated key management system allows to store and protect from 8 up to 384 keys or key rings. Each item is securely attached to an electronic key ring.  Via a terminal, the user is identified and the keychain to which he has access is released. In case of emergency, a special key is used to trigger the manual opening of the shutter. This electronic key cabinet is accompanied by its management software. It allows you to manage both reporting and access of a key or groups of predefined keys.

This type of product will meet your needs in situations where there are too many keys and where reservations, granting of access rights and the security of these keys is important (special premises, server racks, vehicles, etc.) But also for valuables (radio, computer equipment, etc.).  The solution will provide a global view and a thorough management of your cabinets and their contents.

Safe and reliable system for your key and valuables management

Reinforce your security with our efficient and reliable key cabinets:

  • Autonomy: the cabinet also has it own battery to remain operational in case of power failure
  • Maximum security: The unit is housed behind an automatic roller shutter or door which is very resistant guaranteeing protection against unauthorized access. Moreover, in case the system is broken or dismantled, an alarm signal managed by our UNIGUARD solution can be sent.

Do you need to place your keys and valuables in a secure place?

Contact IDtech by telephone or our online form for any information or quote request. In Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg, we offer key cabinets that guarantee high-performance security for your valuables and keys.  

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