Access control software for companies and public services in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and around the world

Located in Gembloux, IDtech manufactures and develops access control programs for small businesses, SMEs, large companies and public sectorsWith our experience of more than 35 years, we secure the entrances and exits of sites/ buildings of many companies throughout the Benelux and elsewhere in the world.

Our access control applications for companies:

In terms of access control:

  • « Unipass»: it allows to automatically define the authorized people, the moment of the access and according to which conditions.  The rules defined by the software are then valid for an infinite number of people, readers and buildings
  • UniPass Web: Unipass has its own web module: Unipass Web.  This collaborative software makes it possible to verify access to the zones, resources and/ or materials of your company.  Since this is an Internet-connected application, it only needs to be installed on your local server or hosting.  Each staff member who has an internet connection and is authorized to use Unipass Web can access it.  These people, wherever they are, can visualize in real time the activity within your buildings
  • Mobipass: this feature allows for more mobility to users, regardless of their status or function.  Mobipass informs about the connection status with the server but also the status of the different accesses.  It also makes it possible to open, close, activate or deactivate doors or groups of doors

Benefit from customized tools to protect access to your buildings

IDtech offers a series of software designed to enhance the security of your business premises.  We offer you unlimited possibilities of combinations of access to your buildings depending on the person, the place, the time and your security rules.

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