Access control for companies in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and internationally

IDtech is a pointing and access security software development company for your organization. Located near Namur, our company offers a global access control solution that consists of software, electronic equipment and identifiers. We are active in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and the rest of the world.

Our access control services in detail

Our access control equipment can operate autonomously in case of network or power failure. We define with you the access rules:

  • Who: people who can access a place individually or collectively
  • Where: limited access areas
  • When: accuracy of timecards and access time limits or time cycles
  • How: a card, a code and/ or biometric solutions (possibility to combine everything)
    • The card: card, keyring, bracelet, watch, etc
    • Biometric solutions: fingerprint, hand volume, facial or iris recognition
    • Smartphone
    • QR Code/Barcode
    • Long range cards for vehicles (different technologies available: UHF card, remote control, license plate, etc.)

Our access control assets for your company

IDtech developed UNIPASS, a software that verifies the access of everyone present in your company automatically. It offers an infinite possibility of access combinations to your buildings depending on the person’s identity, schedule and location. IDtech offers you, above all, products adapted to your needs. With UNIPASS, you decide on the rules you need to establish and ensure the highest level of security in your business.

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