Visitor flow management in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and around the world

With its more than 35 years of experience, IDtech is developing software for security, time & attendance and visitor management. We provide VSEs, SMEs, large companies and public services with optimal security for visitor flows in their buildings. We are active in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and around the world.

Our visitor management solution

Our visitor flow management allows you to manage the company’s entrances and exits, planned or not, of people on the site of your company. This solution enhances your security in case of fire or emergency alerts. You have control over the movement of people in your buildings and their position.

Control and fluidize the whereabouts of your visitors with IDtech

Each visitor is unique and the rights granted to them are only temporary and previously determined. Via our visitor management solution, through a very simple management screen, you can enter certain details about each visit.

Information about your visitors can be found quickly on a future visit. Have unlimited creativity: you define the design of your cards yourself with our CARD DESIGNER module and manage the printing of these cards with UNICARD. The printing can be done on stickers, cardboard or PVC.

IDtech has also developed a complementary tool to its visitor management: self-encoding. Thanks to this feature, your visitors can pre-code themselves at the reception via a touch terminal provided for this purpose. Your reception staff or anyone with the authorization can thus retrieve the data pre-recorded by your visitors in our UNIVIST software. This includes:

  • Name
  • License plate number
  • Visitor information
  • Etc.

IDtech allows you to guarantee the highest level of security in your organisation against anyone from the exterior.

Would you like software to control the presence of visitors in your company? Call on IDtech.

Our team is at your disposal for any request for information or estimate for our security solutions. Contact us by phone or via our form. No matter if your organization is located in Belgium, Luxembourg or the Netherlands, IDtech answer your security requests on your company’s website.

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